Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! A quick guide to sparkling wine.

bubbly cork flyingChances are you’ve been tasting a bit of bubbly if you’ve been attending holiday wine tasting events or other parties around town. Sparkling wine comes in several different packages, but there are three main ones: Cava, Prosecco and Champagne – with domestic sparkling wines made in the style of French Champagne. There is literally something for every occasion!

Pop on over to Wicked Local to get the inside scoop on all things bubbles – and then enjoy your holiday festivities. We’ll see you after the New Year!

December Wicked Wines will thrill you, guests, hosts

Dec.09.WickedWinesDecember is one of my favorite months for enjoying wine. Festivities abound and the cold and snow are still welcome friends. It’s also a time to wax nostalgic as we think about all that’s transpired over the last 12 months – and anticipate a new chapter soon to come. There are ample wines for gussying up and heading out the door in your “Sunday best” to enjoy the company of good friends and family. And there are wines for snuggling up by the fire because it’s just so tempting to stay in! Pop over to Wicked Local to learn more about the Wicked (good) Wines for you and yours to enjoy this December!

What do you think? Did we hit the nail on the head this month?

The wine week in review

Jean Vesselle Grower Champagne RoseSome people hate holiday shopping. I, for one, love it. It’s not the shopping part per se I like so much. It is the coming up with creative ideas to touch the hearts of the people in your life that’s fun. I like giving more than receiving (though that has some perks, too).

For those on a lower budget or who prefer the nod of something clever to something pricey, think about this idea (care of the New York Times) for the wine lover in your life.

For those on a much higher budget or those who prefer to give to charity, there are always holiday wine auctions. You too could be the lucky owner of something like a Doris Duke collectable: 1921 Ch. d’Yquem! For spirits lovers, there always unique finds like the 1788 Tour D’Argent Cognac. (LOL)

Better yet, for those on planet earth who like to be 100% absolutely convinced they’ve found THE perfect wine gift (or bottle to celebrate the New Year), don’t forget about Saturday’s 2nd Annual “Boisterous About Bubbles” Sparkling Wine Tasting at Ball Square Fine Wines in Somerville. Rumor has it not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR tables will be uncorking several bottles of bubbly to delight you. Truly. If you don’t know what Growers Champagne is (and why it is SO darn delicious) or are a little fuzzy on the finer points of sparkling wines from around the world, you MUST attend this soiree. This is a 1-of-a-Kind opportunity I give to you, reader. Tasting is believing. Don’t miss out!

In all seriousness, which wine gift ideas are you toying with this holiday season?