Wine Gala for Guide Dogs
Wine Gala for Guide Dogs

I feel I owe your eyes a bit of a rest after my exuberant postings of late. (I know I can get carried away with my enthusiasm!) And today I'm curious what you think.... In the world of wine "trends" I often find myself consulting on wine-related fundraising events. And, 'tis the season for them! Once the wine trade season is over (early October) it's as if the entire wine-drinking community takes the ball and runs with it - for great causes, too!

So today I hope you'll share with me and your friends...

Which type of wine fundraisers have you attended in the past (dinner, gala, informal tasting/auction, etc)?

What was your motivation - the good deed, the merriment, or both?

Is there an upcoming event you want others to know about?