TV rabbit earsGood news! This week there was much more wine fodder to catch my fancy. So, let's jump right in! First, from the tasting "room":

Gaiter and Brecher over at The Wall Street Journal are continuing their plight to find domestic wine deals. I'm not convinced my taste test would have produced the same outcome on their American Cab-off, but their banter and findings are worth checking out here. And they are right on this point: you should ask your local wine guru what deals they have in stock. 'Cause they're definitely out there!!

Last but not least, Dr. Debs has had her own challenge at play: finding good Pinot Noir under $20. I argue it's nearly impossible to find anything drinkable under $15, but there are some good ones in the $15 to $20 range. I may have to join her efforts and supply the wine curious out there with a few of my own Pinot Noir recs. Too good to miss those, too!

And now, from "Hollywood":

New wine movie in the making: "The First Big Crush" is being made into a movie, reports Decanter. What's better than a visual tour of New Zealand, wine making - and wine drinking? Here's hoping the premier allows a bit of that...

New wine show in the making?? I have to say, the New Zealand headline also reminded me that "The Winemakers" reality show should have premiered by now. Granted I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I thought I would have seen more fodder in the wine world prompting me to turn on the tube! Noth'n. Has anyone seen this yet? Day/time??