Glass closureOk, ok. It's "old" news, technically speaking. But how often have you actually come across a glass wine closure? I think I've seen about a half a dozen over the last year - and I know I've seen close to 1,000 wine bottles uncorked. That's a pretty small percentage! Yesterday one of these half dozen wine bottles/closures came across the tasting table. And so we got to talking about it. Did you know Alcoa, the closure company initially responsible for this phenomenon, started the wine bottle glass closure after success with it on medicinal products? No joke. These guys are responsible for the closures on household products, juices and sodas, medicinal products and, since 2006 or so, wine bottles.

What I love about them is the (surprising) seal these things allow! And you can pluck them out of the bottle and fit them securely back in to it if you don't quite finish it off. Back in 2004 Business Wire described it as such: "The Vino-Lok closure looks like a decorative decanter stopper, and it is recyclable. Made with rubberized O-rings, the glass stopper provides a sterile seal, preventing contamination or oxidation. An aluminum cap over the bottle will ensure mechanical protection and temper evidence."

Recyclable, too? Does it really get any better?Apparently they are working on it! This is just the beginning for them. The question is though:

How many times have you had the pleasure of encountering an Alcoa closure? When will this become more "mainstream"?