Enjoy use this mug on Friday, no? Care of: http://www.perpetualkid.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2017This week has certainly been an "are we there, yet?" week.  With a perfect beach weekend on tap, I imagine I'm not the only one clamoring for the end of the work week. So entertain yourself today with these two tidbits from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, or their "UnReserved" on-line bits of juicy ramblings about this, that and the other of the wine world. Then be sure to pop back for info on a cool Greater Boston event that will make your weekend feel like a long one; it's sure to be the icing on your (Monday) cake! The value of food/wine combination experimentation: BBQ and... Riesling!

From the wine trail: summer get-a-ways for sipping and !@#$!?? Tasting Room Fun?

And last but certainly not least....

If you're looking for an incredible way to prolong your weekend (at least mentally), add a "Summer Highlight" to your list and enjoy the freshest of fresh seasonal, local goodies around town, head over to Gibbet Hill on Monday night.... Check it out!

What tales from the wine trail do you have to tell this summer? Or do you have any intriguing wine pairings you care to share?