rural wind energyHere, here! Cheers! Hip-hip-horray! Indeed, this week's line up of news is worth a little applause! Here's what's what: Several of my favorite folks in food, wine and spirits received the official nod for the skill they employ at their craft. Click here to see the real 'who's who' in Boston - and then visit their respective establishments to taste for yourself!

Clearly I'm a fan of lesser known or boutique wines. All the better when they get the nod from big publications like Conde Naste's Portfolio, without need of ratings from the Parkers of the world. Here's their opinion on what's worth seeking out for yourself (and a big Pour Favor thumbs up on the Hedges shout out!).

And... it's time to make hay while the sun shines, or at least generate enough electricity from waste to fuel a winery's operation! Check out the very cool sustainability project  Napa Wine Company is in on here. This effort could revolutionize the way wineries (and other similar entities) power up!

What do you think of the Napa Wine Co. project?  What larger ramifications do you think are likely?