Image credits go to: certainly dictate quite a bit in our daily lives. We eat by them. We shop by them. We dress by them. We play/watch sports by them. But I find spring is the most perplexing time here in New England. We are SO eager for a break from the cold it can never come soon enough; and it usually takes its sweet time and hits us with at least one major snow storm well beyond our tolerance level for seeing any white stuff coming down - again. But we do get some terrific, warm(ish) days, too. I'd like to think I'm not a seasonal wine drinker. I drink white, red, pink and sparkling all year long. But on a hot summer day, I usually prefer something crisp, light and refreshing. On a cold winter's night after shoveling, I want a glass of Port. You get the idea. The temperature outside certainly plays a role in my decision-making. It helps narrow the playing field even.

So now that we're officially in springtime when the mercury is in constant flux, what are we to do? Pop on over to WickedLocal today to see what Dan Lech, Wine Manager at Ball Square Fine Wines had to say when I put the very same question to him!

Does the climate you live in impact your wine drinking habits?  Which wines do you enjoy this time of year?