Red Sox fans were so wrapped up in ending the 86-year Championship drought back in 2004 everyone had some "thing" they were doing to keep the Hope alive and end The Curse. The team was taking a (group) shot of Jack before each World Series game. For me it was wearing different red and navy gear and watching the game at a different bar each night. Since we were moving venues with great regularity and - let's face it - wine options were pathetic and/or scare, I did my part to "rehydrate" the Sox (if you will) by consuming noteworthy quantities of Hoegaarden beer. I ate a lot of french fries, too, but that wasn't as intentional. When we won again last year I was happily consuming the 2005 Winner's Tank Shiraz. That selection was too perfect. I only happened to grab that bottle out of my wine fridge because it was a solid pairing with our meal that night. The fact that we won in only 3 games, well, who could have guessed? But I do believe the Winner's Tank contributed in spirit to our glorious victory.

As we are revving up for a fight against Tampa Bay (or so I hope) in the ALDS finals I've been contemplating what truly is the best pairing.  As I said, I'm not wholly committed to the idea that wine and baseball are the best pairing, despite last year's go. My second question is what do you drink in anticipation of greatness (or at least a hell of a good fight)? Yes, folks, herein lies my greater quandry.... Should such things even be planned? I may be a Virgo, but I do realize there can be a Planning Line.

What's your wine & baseball philosophy? Are they a match?