Greetings and salutations fellow wine-lovers!

You know they're thinking about thier next glass...If you’ve had a chance to check out my bio, you know that I’m a relative baby in the wine world. Yes, I still remember what it was like bumbling around a wine shop attempting to select a satisfying bottle. But my absolute fascination with the stuff is something I now contend with just about 24-7 these days. The fact that each vintage (nay, bottle?) produces different results, technology is always improving and techniques are always evolving means I’ll never be satiated, either. Yippee!

Join me on my wine journey! As I host tasting events and continue in my role at my local wine shop, I’ll be posting various tidbits, a-ha moments, fun facts and, I hope, useful tips and analogies to make wine (additionally) accessible for you and your friends. I encourage you to share your own musings and experiences, too. Wine appreciation is always at its greatest when sipping is considered a “team” sport!

On that note... won’t you share when you first caught the wine bug? Click on "Comments" below!