Climate Change? Image thanks to:
Climate Change? Image thanks to:

We've been fleshing out the topic of eco-friendly wines over the last few weeks. One different but related topic we haven't quite gotten to yet is the impact of climate change on wine. Whether you are a "believer" in global warming or not, if you are a wine drinker you should be noticing some degree of change in the product you've come to know and love (no pun intended). For example, if you've been drinking Alsatian Pinot Gris for the last decade, you've probably noticed the wines are a bit fleshier and sweeter now than they were when you first tried them. That's because the fruit has been getting riper.... Everything I've been hearing from winemakers, viticulturists and wine scholars alike suggests historically cooler regions, like England, will become hotbeds for winemaking. (One winemaker I met this week even joked they are considering purchasing land in Finland...) Ok, so maybe this move isn't immediate, but it is on the radar of producers.

Wouldn't you know, I saw in Decanter just yesterday  "London's first commercial vineyard since medieval times has been planted." Capel Manor Horticultural College is the' man behind the curtain' - and they are even hoping by 2012 they might have a little vino to boast. Go figure.

In domestic news, have you seen Murphy-Goode is pulling out the stops on their next marketing endeavors? If you are a wine nerd and super savvy in the arena of social media, this is your big opportunity to beat the recession. They have a new opening:  a 6 month marketing gig will land you $60K, plus perks.

Do you think I should apply for the Murphy-Goode gig - or are you their next hire?

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