Thanksgiving Wine Selection – made easy!

Thanksgiving Day is the ONLY holiday every single American celebrates.  It is a day observed ladling up traditions at every opportunity; even if you’re not doing what historically you have done, admit it – you’re thinking or reminiscing about those things!

But when it comes to wine selection there tends to be less tradition in play.  For some that is the best part of the holiday – the vinous world is your playground! For others, what to serve or what to bring can overwhelm. We get it.

As part of our “made easy” series, we are offering up a few suggestions for going home with a winner or two.

If we can help with your specific feast or preferences, whether a consultation or shopping or both, don’t hesitate to Click 2 Inquire. We relish overturning every rock (no minerality pun intended) to find stellar wines perfect for this time of year. And our holiday special is in play NOW through December 31, 2014!


Winning Whites

Noble white varietals are thought the darlings of Thanksgiving. The best hail from cooler climates, offer mesmerizing aromatics which lure you in, are lower in alcohol, a tiny bit “fleshy,” yet deliver a crisp, mouthwatering brightness.

Et Fille “Deux Vert Vineyard” Viognier ~ Willamette Valley, OR

Szoke “Mantra” Pinot Gris ~ Hungary

– Weinguut Jurgen Leiner “Handwerk” Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) ~ Pfalz, Germany

– Gundlach Bundschu DRY Gewurtztraminer ~ Sonoma, California


Rabble-Rousing Reds

We hang our hat on discovering earthy, lightER bodied reds – with backbone. Beware of selecting a wine that’s too big, which will just weigh you down given all of the food before you.

Ravines Pinot Noir ~ Fingerlakes, NY

Dominique Piron Coteaux Bourguignons ~ Burgundy, France

Elena Walch Schiava ~ Alto Adige, Italy

Ameztoi “Stimatum” Txakolina ~ Getariako Txakolina, Spain


Remember, with such a big, intense meal with so many different parts and varied traditions, there are countless wines to choose from. When it come to Food & Wine Pairing, the endgame is BALANCE!


Wine Pairs with Pop Tarts – and 6 other “cool” Back 2 School foods

apple-pop-tarts-5Why should kids get to enjoy all the fun and excitement of back-2-school?! Quite certainly, adults need a playground, too – one where play leads to innovation and reward….

If you are an event planner, conference/meeting “junkie”, or just OITW (out in the world) you know that from cronuts to gourmet grilled cheese and everything in between, Chefs are having a blast in the ever-evolving, no-holds-barred 20Teens playground. The more kooky or ‘old school classic’, the greater the delighting riff for foodies and the casual consumer alike.

Whether an individual trend is coming (donuts, cronuts and Pop Tarts) or going (cupcakes!), wine has been around for 12 THOUSAND years. It has outlived every up and down – and it continues to find its place in our hearts.


Here are 7 Worthy Wine Pairings not only to get you through the first full week back to school, but that give you key street cred as you and your tastebuds get throttled into Hipdom!



Classic Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly: Festive and fruity Lambrusco

Gourmet Peanut Butter & Apricot Jam: Exotic and spiced Gewurtztraminer



Ants on a Log: Sassy, grassy Gruner Veltliner



Apple Cider Donuts: Appley, Pear-y, bright and lactic White Burgundy



Sarma Pistachio Pop Tarts: Fleshy and zippy Spanish Albarino



Poutine: Gamey yet silky Cotes du Rhone Rouge



Gourmet “Spanish Fig & Olive” Grilled Cheese, w/ grated Manchego cheese: bold yet refined Priorat or Montsant red



Reinvented “BLT”, aka zucchini latke, heirloom tomato and sweet corn custard w/bacon vinaigrette ~ Rustic and charming Nebbiolo



And, guess what?! These suggested wine pairings are just a starting point. There are many other fun directions to take, too. With wine, the options can be endless. So get out on the playground and start swinging!

3 Easy Ways to Hit the Bull’s Eye this Valentine’s Day

Despite the intent of the day, you likely agree there is some stress associated with February 14th. Even if you, like us, are inclined to celebrate love everyday, social norms have created a bit of hoopla around Valentine’s Day itself. The good news is wine can ALWAYS be to the rescue in such situations. Here are three easy ways to get it right this year!


1.  Your relationship is personal, so GET PERSONAL.

Take a page out of the Pour Favor book – while any wine will be a nice gesture,  if you take the time to make your selection personal you’re bound to hit it out of the park. You know, select a nice bottle from France to remind your sweetheart of the killer time you spent together along the Riviera back when you were “kids”. If you’re stumped, EMAIL US to get advice!



2.   Selecting something new for your person shows how much you invested in making the gift special, so GET CREATIVE.

In this case, we’re managing the heavy-lifting as far as creativity goes. BUY LAMBRUSCO. What says love more so than a wine that is oh-so-slightly frizzante (bubbly-ish), pink, and pairs with meat?? Lambrusco (Lamb-Brew-SkO) is a delightful Italian wine phenomenon you may be familiar with in ways we don’t want you to be (aka it has a reputation from days of yore we’re happier you leave in the past, you know, with the yore). In this day and age what’s being imported (at last!) is the ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS. Slightly rustic, yet vibrant and lively, lovely, and DRY yet fruit-forward (in ways that only serve to ‘cut through the fat’ of the cheese and charcuterie plate you were smart to also have prepared for your V-day “in”), there are two in particular we know you AND your sweetheart will adore: Cantina della Volta and Podere Il Saliceto. Either (or both!) of these two wines is likely to surprise and delight you – and all the while you’ll get props for being that loveable out-of-the-chocolate-box thinker that you are!


3.   Valentine’s Day is just one day, so instead, MAKE IT LAST.

If you’re reading this post it is because you’re already interested in wine. Check! So… if you and yours thrive in a crowd and want to enjoy a whirlwind experience exploring dozens of wines, take the show on the road! Head downtown to the Boston Wine Expo this weekend (TIP: Buy your tickets in advance and have a plan before you embark!). If you prefer a more custom experience, plan a tasting at home or a date with us and we’ll be sure you find WINE YOU CAN BOTH GET EXCITED ABOUT. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


It’s not hard to play Cupid this year. Simply embrace the opportunity – we know you will heart us for it!