Wine aeration gizmos – are these tools all they’re cracked up to be?

Metrokane AeratorAerators seemed to be The Big Thing over the holidays. Whether considered the perfect gift or the best party trick going, I was entertained to find the original aerator, produced by Vinum, on hand at every holiday party I attended. I even received Metrokane’s Rabbit aerator as a gift! All of this enthusiasm got me thinking: is this little gadget worth all the fuss and, if so, which of these two products is superior?

Pop on over to Wicked Local today to get my take!

Have you experimented with these new aeration tools, i.e. not decanters? Which one have you tried and did it win your favor?

Wine news for all to contemplate

Image care of: week there’s a little something for everyone  by way of wine news, regardless of your specific interest in the science behind wine. Some way, somehow, these headlines are sure to hit close to home. Let’s jump right in!

I’m a visual, tactile person so I usually embrace every opportunity to better engage my senses to remember something. In the wine world, that usually means taking my time to engage ALL of my senses as I evaluate a wine. But can aromas be visualized? Do we need them to be?  For better or worse, the folks at Aromicon are taking this idea for a test drive. Check out this article at Springwise to get the scoop!

I couldn’t find my related post about pests in the vineyards (sometime last year, I believe), but there’s a shocking bit of news coming out of UC Davis regarding work to mitigate – or eliminate – the nematode problem perplexing California vineyard managers and winemakers. Apparently the Dept. of Nematology at Davis is being shut down, despite the fact that the problem has yet to be resolved. Wines & Vines didn’t report on the politics or economics or whathave you happening behind the scenes there. But here’s an update on the situation plaguing Northern California in particular. If you know a bit more on this, please weigh in below!

In other news, somehow I missed last year that Boisset decided to ship Beaujolais Nouveau in plastic bottles – to reduce costs of shipping the historic, annual November wine. (I wonder why they chose plastic over bag-in-box…). And, it seems this year Japan is taking things one step further by selling the wine as such – without re-bottling it in glass first. Did you see or hear any further news on this plastic-ization of BN last year – or more recently?

Intriguing wine news… and a cool wine exploration event!

Not my favorite flavorWow! This has been one heck of a week in wine news. The juiciest news comes by way of Wine & Spirits Daily regarding Amazon giving up their piece of the wine pie. It’s a longer read but I think it’s worth checking out!

Ever experienced a tin-foilesque aftertaste having paired red wine with fish? There is new information this week about why red wine and fish are not such a great pairing. Read more here.

Then, in case you missed this year’s Boston Globe Plonkapalooza, check out this year’s top wine picks!

For those of you looking to stretch your legs and travel the wine world a bit, consider joining Bon Vivant Wine Company (Randolph, MA) as they wine and dine with you at some of Long Island’s best vineyards on November 21. Tickets are available here.

What do you think of Amazon’s decision?