Our engaging, charismatic team has honed the ability to read our audience and offer attendees (guests) a unique opportunity to engage socially and build rapport - while delivering a few key insights and relatable talking points about wine along the way. Together these ingredients ensure that our events are uniquely memorable, personal experiences that can pay themselves forward.

Rebecca A. R. Schimmoeller, Chief Wine Educator & Tasting Director


Rebecca’s palpable passion for wine was the natural result of her thirst for knowledge about cultural history. Indeed, there is perhaps no greater instrument from which to learn about a place, its history, its food, and its people than through wine! And so it is with this perspective and enthusiasm that Rebecca approaches her work at Pour Favor Wine Events: bringing individuals a taste of the world, and helping them unlock at least a few new discoveries along the way. 

Rebecca graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Comparative Literature. Upon graduation she cut her teeth in strategy, marketing and special event planning in the nonprofit sector, until she determined to turn her wine hobby into a career and joined the team of a boutique fine wine shop. There she worked with the best and brightest in the trade, evaluated thousands of wines per year – and directly contributed to earning two Boston magazine “Best Wine Shop” Awards, among others. Traveling to France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Oregon and California deepened her knowledge and enriched her experience. She is a member of the Boston Sommelier Society, a foodie wannabe Chef, and avid cyclist.

Rebeccah Marsters, Tasting Oenista 


Graduating Phi Beta Kappa in both art history and culinary arts from the University of Vermont and Johnson & Wales respectively, Rebeccah is as passionate about the culture and history of wine as she is about its pure enjoyment. Completing the Intermediate and Advanced levels of the Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) sharpened her wine knowledge, and working as an editor and test cook at America’s Test Kitchen honed her palate. Whether geeking out over the latest issue of Food and Wine magazine, educating others at a Pour Favor event, participating in a blind tasting, or simply pairing a bottle with a meal at home in Somerville, MA, Rebeccah embraces the idea that wine is for everyone, and is an essential part of a happy and healthy life!