True to our Founder’s amateur days exploring wine for the love of it, we keep it real. All questions are welcome. Our congenial, personal approach infused with our knowledge, allows guests at all levels of wine interest to enjoy and engage. 

Before it’s tasting time, we work thoughtfully behind the scenes to curate the right wine flight and prepare for the occasion. We also make planning the details seamless for our hosts.

Whether you choose to take a “field trip” with us at a local shop, or have us bring the vineyards to you by way of a wine tasting reception, seminar or wine dinner, we always bring our special magic.

A letter from OUR FOUNDER:

After years in The Real World of work, it was “naturally” time to prep for and take the LSATs and the GMATs, write numerous How I Will Change The World essays and otherwise fill out countless Grad School applications to take my career to the next level.


But after doing all that there was this persistent noise in the back of my brain. If I, ever-practical, took the typical, logical, next step and continued on the post-collegiate path that I largely fell into… Would I be happy?

I wasn’t so sure.

For as long as I could remember, wine was always at the crux of my most memorable experiences. Uncorking a bottle of wine uncorked a story – one that led me and my imagination to remote parts of the world, to tiny little villages, to awe-inspiring landscapes, to families and friends – communities – gathered around tables telling stories, eating voraciously. Wine always told me a story and often a new one. For me it offered a window on the world.

Meanwhile, I’d always enjoyed and felt successful wearing planning and facilitation hats at work.

Could I blend passion and expertise and make a go of it in the wine biz?

Terrified but inspired, I took the leap. Grad School was out. Wine was in!

I dug my heels in to ramp up my solid but amateur wine knowledge, joining the Boston Sommelier Society to earn my stripes on paper. Meanwhile I worked and learned alongside the best in the biz at a boutique fine wine shop, running up the steep learning curve of wine and wine buying to hone my ability to share my knowledge and passion with Jack and Jill consumers. Two Best of Boston wins (Boston magazine 2011 + 2013) indicated I was on the right track.

But the endgame was always Pour Favor Wine Events. Being able to bring memorable wine experiences to the masses, to create community while delivering accessible wine knowledge was – and still is – The Dream!



Rebecca A. R. Schimmoeller, Founder