What a rewarding surprise to find when you Google “Chablis” you are not taken to the homepage of Gallo, purveyors of a California white jug wine that is responsible for an overwhelming misconception of what Chablis actually is: a winemaking village in France’s well-regarded Burgundy region. And when you get down to the particulars of what the wine is, we’re talking about a refined, unoaked Chardonnay with a tremendous spine of minerality unique to the region itself. Chardonnay? Yes. This, the world’s most recognized white wine grape, has its roots in Burgundy, no pun intended, where they focus on drawing out the natural flavors of the grape itself. On this July 4th weekend holiday, get ready to relish a bit of something super special! Pop over to Wicked Local to get the skinny on this special "take" on Chard.

When you hear "Chablis" what do you think of first?