This week the bloggosphere has been uncorking juicy tidbits left and right. And since we all need a bit of levity over a holiday weekend (or anticipation on one on a Friday), here are some of my favorites: Dr. Vino doesn't hold back at all with this week's Sipped & Spit line-up. Bordeaux, Grateful Palate banter, Bourgogne Blanc and Brews.... Sit back and be entertained!

Next week we'll be adding some wine knowledge to your week over at Wicked Local. In anticipation of that article, check out this entertaining banter on the obscure Melon Queue Rouge varietal. Chardonnay? Or something else? Have you ever encountered it before?

While you consider your response to the above question, sip on this fine suggestion from Deb Harkness. She has your back (and BBQ needs) covered this Fourth of July weekend. Independence from decision-making = Happiness!