Gourmet MagazineGot Graham? Or have you at least tasted one (or more) of the Bonny Doon wines? What did you think? My experience tells me most winemakers are a bit bizarre - the level and specific style of bizarreness being unique to each, of course. But I do think there is something super special about the California bread of crazy winemaker. Yeah, they are brilliant; but they push The Envelope more knowingly or deliberately somehow (whereas folks from Washington or Oregon, Spain, France and the like operate as they are, just bizarre creatures making wine). Joe Roberts, aka 1WineDude, reviewed Randall Graham's new book Been Doon So Long and also chatted with the winemaker this week about it. Pretty freaking funny. Entertain yourself reading Robert's blog post over lunch. Then grab a copy and report back with your opinion of  it.

By way of news this week, my old favorite Gourmet magazine is going under! I couldn't believe the headline. I mean, yeah, wine has been less a focus for sometime, but the photos are gorgeous, the journalism interesting, and the recipes worth investigating. Plus, it is an institution! Read more at Decanter. Are you upset? Or have you found another pub to entertain you?

Last but not least, for those in the Boston area you can support a good cause while enjoying some vino. On Oct 15 hang out on the rooftop at the Taj, taste some wine and support the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston. Click here for tickets and more information.