As my hectic, challenging weekend wrapped up, I realized a) I hadn't a thing in the fridge to whip together a meal and b) I needed something VERY comforting. A turkey burger and beer at my favorite local jaunt would suit me perfectly, so we headed off in that direction. A wine author I've read in the last year (but can't remember which one, apologies!) wrote about wine people in the context of "Adventure-Seekers" and "Comfort-Seekers". The author believed people seeking out wine pretty much fall into either one of these two categories. I think I have my moments dabbling in each, depending on my mood or life-context.

Either way, I find this 'categorization' very helpful when I'm speaking with customers or clients. You have to know when someone is willing to expand their horizons beyond the CA Cab they have come to know and love; or if they are willing to travel, you have to gauge in which direction it is best to push them (gently).

Do you consider yourself either an adventure-seeker or comfort-seeker? Are you a little of both?

(For all of you out there who have been tuning in silently, this is your chance to post your thoughts!)