Saint Andre RoseTuesday night's local Taste of Somerville event went off without a hitch! Myriad folks from the area popped over to the (perhaps surprising venue of the) Holiday Inn on Washington Street to taste the wares of this greater Boston city. My colleague and I were proud to be one of the few (three, we think) establishments pouring a selection of wines for citizens to sample. While accolades abounded for each one on offer, it was hard not to notice the many pleasantly surprised faces of those who sampled one of my favorite Rose's of the season:  2008 Saint Andre Figuiere Rose from Provence, France. Why such surprise? Well, as much as we talk about it here at Pour Favor, it's one of those things where seeing, or tasting, is believing. Great rose is DRY, crisp and refreshing! We were not pouring the sweet pink stuff from California, also known as White Zinfandel. No, indeed! And, not one person (old, young or in between) was disappointed.  Our mission was accomplished.

Meanwhile, back on the proverbial farm, the Powers That Be in Brussels determined European rose production standards would remain. What's this, you ask?

Recall a few months ago we discussed headlines indicating European officials were attempting to change legislation such that the blending of red and white wines would be permitted in the production of rose wines.  Well, if you've been holding your breath in protest, you can go ahead and let it on out! This week the European Agriculture Commissioner, Mariann Fischer Boel, announced she had changed her mind. Advocacy groups had made their point: the blending of reds and whites would compromise the very essence of what makes (French) rose special - being made from old red grapes. I am so relieved.

Now to see if the French will overturn their ruling against outdoor alcohol consumption as of July 31st....

On a more somber 'French news' note, I am saddened to convey the passing of Johnny Hugel, the famous Alsatian winemaker/advocate. Open a bottle of Hugel this weekend and toast to a marvelous man. Afterall, even if you never knew the role he played in crafting today's Alsatian wine world, he is a man of great insight saying, "'People who like wine are nicer people than those who do not like wine."  I like to think that's true. ;)

Do you have fond memories drinking Hugel? 'Tis the season for these tremendous Alsatian whites!