Bottle Half Full?

Even when a heatwave can spoil things pretty quickly, if you're not predisposed to finishing an entire bottle of wine in one uncorking, we've got 4 easy, essential tricks that will help keep your tastebuds happy a few days at a time, no matter the season.

First, remember 2 things:

1 | Oxygen, aka air, is kryptonite for wine.

2 | Heat (and direct sunlight) is another big-time spoiler alert.


Here's what you can do:

TRICK 1.  Whether we are talking about wine of the red, white, or pink persuasion, keep your wine fresher longer by keeping oxygen at bay once you've had your fill.

There are some fancy tools out there, but our greatest success has come from the basic Vacuvin model. With easy handy work, a simple mini-pump sucks air out of the bottle using the special "cork" they've crafted. (For sparklers, use a proper closure and DON'T pump - see Trick No. 2 instead.)

TRICK 2.  You can also transfer unused wine to a clean half-bottle. If you're not usually a half-bottle kind of person, we've just given you a very good reason to buy at least one; a screw cap closure is all the better. And, bonus, you'll get to enjoy the contents on your way to happy wine storage.

Trendy Trick: A sealed Mason jar works, too.

TRICK 3.  Store the wine upright. This will minimize surface area exposed to oxygen, and the potential mess of a leaky seal!

Alright, you've officially employed at least one of the above three tricks (probably No. 3, right?), perhaps "cheating" as circumstance demanded on step one or two. We get it. You're on vacation, with limited resources! You're off to the right start, and we've saved the best for last:

TRICK 4.  The "Cork'n Chill" Method

Store remaining wine in the fridge. Reds, too? Not just YES, but YES,YES, YES! You'd never leave cut produce out to rot, would you? Well - guess what? - wine comes from grapes. Crushed ones! If you skip all of the tricks above, you MUST take this one little (quality of) life-saving measure: PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE.

But, but, but... what about drinking my red wine the next day?

Too often people are served or are drinking red wines too warm - particularly in the summer when "room temp" is well above the 62 degrees you should be serving most reds. It's a lot easier to get your red warmed up than it is to chill it, too.

INSIDER TIP.  To get your reds to optimal temp post chillfest, pull the wine out of the fridge as you start prepping for dinner and pour it into glasses. By the time dinner is on the table, the wine is at proper serving temp.

If you just picked up take-out or are in a hurry, you can run the bottle under warm water (not hot) for a few minutes and you'll be good to go. #thefridgeisyourfriend

Cheers, to a very happy Second Serving!

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