I never really thought there was such a thing as a "perfect" wine. Sure, there are different 'categories' of wine consumption, from the nature/scale of an event in terms of fanciness, food (or not) involved, etc. to that 1 magical bottle that lives forever in your mind. But last weekend I truly think I happened upon a white wine that is a realistic kind of perfect - for any occasion, any time of year, with any group of friends, with food or without. Casale del Giglio's 2009 "Satrico" hails from Lazio, Italy. It is an expertly crafted white blend of equal parts Chardonnay (roundness, soft edges, fleshiness - plus light honeydew melon), Sauvignon Blanc (zip and lift at the hand of terrific citrus fruit flavors and light grassy notes) and Trebbiano (which adds mouthwatering, food friendly acidity and crushed hazelnut nuance).

What made this wine "perfect" to me?

It's approachability - anyone who enjoys wine will find something about this wine that excites them; it's intriguing because it is complex, but it is so well integrated you don't get bogged down thinking about what makes you happy to just sip it. It's texture is also noteworthy - it has a silky entry and a zippy finish.

It's versatility - you can drink this wine all on its own or have it with just about any kind of food (even if you're having steak, I'm willing to bet the corn on the cob and salad accompaniments, for example, would bring the whole meal together while sipping this wine).

It's Italian-ness drives the wine home - so subtle in this particular wine, I love that little bit of satisfying nuttiness that sneaks in there and makes you smile when you realize it's there.

Long story short, I have a feeling I'm going to be playing favorites this summer, even though I don't officially have any...

Do you believe in the perfect wine?