.....aaaannnnnddddd we're back! With the official first day of fall under our belts this week, it's time to begin chatting about wine again after some needed R & R. Of course, just because I haven't been blogging about wine doesn't mean I haven't been tasting it - or drinking it while on vacation or hanging out with friends.  Curious to hear about a few highlights? Today we'll whet your whistle with the "Best in Show" evening - a pairing of Champagne and Lobster!

For my birthday I received a bottle of Guy Larmandier Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs champagne. What better pairing is there than lobster? Quite possibly... none. (And when you are vacating on an island in New England, fresh lobster isn't so hard to find.) The wine was delicately, optimally frothed, with a lovely leesy texture. Some toast and a hint of almond and truffles on the nose led way to a giant helping of red apples, pears and lemon zest (all buoyed by it's very dry nature) on the palate.  All of these well integrated elements came to bear even more marvelously as we dug in.


Well, lobster is a meaty, succulent and almost sweet, not too fishy, creature of the sea. The acidity in well-made champagne cuts through the fleshiness of the meat and the richness of the butter you may be predisposed to dress it in. What about the ever-present wedge of lemon you are also inclined to squeeze atop the lobster? Think of champagne as the other part of the whole, as layers of innate citrus flavors marry with the lobster you've just tasted. And then there is the texture. Richness lifted by citrus/acidity create a delectable, mouthwatering result.

A tough one to beat, indeed!

What was your summer's wine or paring "Best in Show"?