I always say "self awareness is half the battle". In this case I am aware that there can be a distinct disadvantage to reporting all the wine news that's fit to print on a Friday. By that point it's likely you've seen the really good fodder - which is why I try to throw in wine events or nerdier stuff you may be less inclined to come across in your own wine reading. But this week there were two articles I came across that were just too good not to pass on to my readers; and there is always the chance you haven't stumbled on these yet anyway. So here goes! The Wine Rack. Seeing is believing! No doubt if this new item takes off there truly IS something for everyone - as gag gifts or otherwise! Check it out.

On a more serious note - and wicked cool - it turns out the oldest wine on the planet can actually be found on the bottom of the ocean. Who knew? Check out this old school Champagne - and then report back:

Do the descriptive terms they use to talk about what this wine tastes like really inspire your confidence in the "excellence" of the appraisal?