Now with just about a week under its belt, I bring to you news of a new online wine "magazine". One of the top folks in wine and social media, David Honig of Two Days Per Bottle, has launched "Palate Press". Honig has brought together a dynamic lineup of some of the web's most prominent wine folk, including "Dr. Debs" from Good Wine Under $20, Lenn Thomspon of LENNDEVOURS, and Gabriella Opaz (Catavino).  It's an interesting idea - convening a group of some of the hottest "faces" in wine-social-media - and one I am interested to see progress. For many of us wine blogging is just one of the many hats we wear. We either have a serious passion for wine, or a position in the trade, (or both), giving us unique perspective on wine. And certainly it is the "average person" who consumers are looking to for "real" information about something. At the same time, I'm always initially weary of who IS behind their computer musing away. Are they just gabbing about their own adventures as they experience wine for themselves organically? Or do they have a larger agenda and wouldn't necessarily be prepared to take the Pop Quiz?  With so much information whirling around the web, it can be hard to discern who's who and discriminate accordingly.

Palate Press Logo: credit via the link below
Palate Press Logo: credit via the link below

Given his lineup of contributors (with a few exceptions), I am really excited about Honig's idea and who he has brought to bear on the project - and a bit envious I didn't think of it myself! It's a great way to capture some of the best of the best information and ideas out there in the world of wine, stir up some banter over more contentious topics and really engage consumers in a concerted way. I hope their "blogazine" does what wine does best: engage the senses and push you to think critically about what you're consuming.

Kudos to their launch! Shall we give them a few weeks to "earn" the toast of success?

What do you think about this blogazine concept? Will you be tuning in?