October is such a bitter-sweet month. The weather is winning, and achieving year-end goals are still (thankfully) just a wee bit out of reach.
Opening a bottle of wine last week – literally, opening the bottle – I [Rebecca S.] realized getting to the finish line successfully simply requires getting back to basics and executing steps in the right order.

Here’s how we do it at Pour Favor (and how I do it at the end of the day):


Step One.

Remove foil from neck of bottle. Open wine key to T-shape.  Hold base of bottle with non-dominant hand.  Using alternate hand, insert worm into center of cork and, with slight downward pressure, twist inward.


Step Two.

With worm imbedded in cork, use non-dominant hand to hold bottle around neck, while using forefinger to push upper-hinge firmly inward, as first leverage point (sitting atop glass). Note: Use first hinge purely to begin removing the cork.


Step Three.

Maintaining firm grasp on bottle and continuing to press first hinge-point inward with forefinger, lift wine key handle firmly upward until 1/3 of cork is exposed. ‘Switch’ hinges – lowering handle of wine key so metal-notch at end of key can now be positioned atop glass.


Step Four.

Now with metal notch (hinge) atop glass, hold bottle firmly with non-dominant hand, and resume lifting wine key handle upward, until the cork is removed fully.