Photo Credit: Haarala Hamilton

Photo Credit: Haarala Hamilton

We're fans of practicality as much as we are of convention and tradition when it comes to wine. Our post in support of screwcaps a while back is evidence: we believe technology has its place in the vinousphere. Wine packaged in a box is just another great example.

In addition to sticking with tradition and buying by the bottle, we’re excited about the affordable flexibility box wine offers us – for many an occasion. Here are a few to get you started:


Receptions + Dinner Parties. 

We're starting by giving up one of Rebecca’s hostess secrets: when you need wine for a group, box wine is a great option. A 3L box is equivalent to 5+ bottles of wine. That gives you plenty of bandwidth for your team's festivities.


Workplace Bliss

The development team prefers red wine and sales and marketing prefer rosé or white wines for your Friday wine down. How about one of each? (Try this trick at home and you'll also have relationship bliss. Bonus – you can drink at whatever pace you like because it doesn't spoil quickly – a single glass on a Monday, maybe three on Friday…)

On a Budget.

In part because the carbon footprint is lower, box wine is incredibly affordable. For about $20/box, you’re getting tremendous value.



If you’re looking for a recipe for success, this is it. Box wine stays fresh for about 4 weeks. That’s because as you dispense, the bag inside shrinks down, minimizing the spoiling impact oxygen can have on an open bottle of wine. If you just need half a cup of wine for your dish, you can dispense what you need (including a glass for yourself, we hope!) and stow the rest for your next endeavor.



Certainly not all box wines are created equal. (The same is true for bottled wines.) It's always worth asking for recommendations. But you get the idea. Don’t go by the book. Go buy the box!