A few weeks ago a new client reached out, looking to brainstorm about her upcoming event – a large-scale and multifaceted occasion with some serious (and seriously important) deliverables in play. Jessica was doing her homework. And having learned a few tricks herself over the years, she wanted to tap our experience in planning as much as in facilitating a successful wine reception for her VIPs.

We discovered in speaking with her that we had never issued a comprehensive Best Practices Guide. So here it is – our 5 Golden Rules for planning a winning wine reception!


1.   Be Deliberate About Your Wine Theme.

While you do NOT want to be creative for creative’s sake, you can innovate with purpose, e.g. by leveraging a seeming deal-breaker planning element. Or if things are humming along seamlessly, jump in your time-machine and go old school. Tapping into childhood nostalgia is an easy way to dial up the fun factor.

2.  Serve Wines at the Right Temperature.

It sounds obvious, right? But this key detail for pleasure-enhancement is *always* missed. Do your guests, your wines (and their makers) a favor and nail this! You’ll stand out instantly.

3.  Don't Let Analysis Paralysis Kill Your Event Mojo.

Streamline options by choosing one white, one sparkler or rosé, and one red wine. Here’s why, and how.

4.  Offer a Sparkling Wine.

Any occasion can become a winning one if you throw a bit of festive bubbly in the mix. You’ll be surprised how many people opt for it (hint: buy extra).

5.  Level the Playing Field.

Naturally, we saved the best for last – and in fact, this is our special sauce. You can get a taste this summer!