It's probably no surprise that all news on the Pour Favor blog this Friday - one week after the Chilean earthquake - is dedicated exclusively to Chilean wine. Ironically, I had the pleasure of meeting winemaker Jean-Pascal Lacaze just last Thursday in the early evening, just before he headed back to New York to catch his flight home - and resume business as usual (harvesting) after the weekend, the unofficial end to summer. I haven't heard if he's made it home yet or what impact the quake had on his lot. No doubt agriculture and wine are an important part of the Chilean economy and will play a role as the country gets it's bearings again. Check out these few articles to learn more, then pop back this Monday for some great wines to seek out as we unleash March's Wicked Wines, Chilean style.... Prior to the quake, the skinny on Chilean wine exports via the LA Times.

A more humanized view of how things looked last Friday, Feb. 28th via my old fav, Dr. Vino.

And an updated, trade-oriented snapshot of where we are a week later via Decanter.

Generally speaking, do you think the buzz around the  magnitude of this quake will generate new or even greater interest in Chilean wines?