Rethore Davy GamayA few months ago I discovered a wine bearing my family name, Rethore, would be coming to market here in Massachusetts. Tra-la! I had my father do a bit of more specific digging (we knew we were French, but...) and learned my family is actually from the Loire Valley; long story short, it is possible the folks who make this wine are, in fact, cousins. (See! I knew it was in my blood...) The Loire Valley is lesser known for its Gamay wines. (Recall Beaujolais in Burgundy is the appellation in France where these wines are at their best.) The Loire is better known for Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and, for the reds, Cabernet Franc.  Yet, Rethore-Davy has crafted a Gamay for the red-wine-drinking public.

Finally landing on our shores, I had the opportunity to try the Rethore-Davy 2007 Gamay last Friday night. And it was exactly as it should be: bubblegum-flavored, tart and a bit high in acid. Not my favorite grape, that Gamay. But it is wicked cheap! For about $11 those who enjoy a solid expression of Gamay can enjoy the Rethore-Davy here in Massachusetts and possibly elsewhere in the US.

A bit anticlimactic, I have to admit. But cool nonetheless. Perhaps one day soon I'll get to try their Sauvignon Blanc? (That one seemed to get a solid review from a fellow blogger.) Here's hoping!

Is wine in your lineage? Have you had the chance to taste an offering?