Santa waterskiing in Argentina?? Thanks to: eclectic array of wine news/events to share this Friday, so I'll skip to the "good stuff" and hold my pen as much as possible so you have time to investigate these for yourself. Twitter magic reveals great Decanter/YouTube video. Check out this video to discover Decanter Editor Guy Woodward's take on "the risers, the fallers and the surprises of the 2009 Power List".  It's quite tasty - even without a glass of wine to accompany it! (And remember, Twitter is a crazy, fun world where you can soak up all kinds of juicy tidbits like this one shared by @melissadobson! Be sure to follow me if you aren't already!)

Argentine's spread the "gospel of wine" - Christmas comes early! Wine & Spirits Daily reported this week that the Argentine government is investing in its small wineries. I'm not sure how hard hit Argentina is by the "global recession" but I can't shake a finger at any country ramping up their wine program - particularly when they are already on solid footing! The extra dough shows just how large a role the wine industry plays in their economy. Giddyup!

Local charity leverages it's giving power - Boston area wine event, July 25! Join Housing Family as they work to support the Rodman Ride for Kids, "an umbrella matching gift charity raising funds to help at-risk children in Massachusetts." School might be "out" this week, but giving - and wine tasting - is in! For just $15 per person you can join in the fun at the Dockside Restaurant in Malden. Call 781-322-9119 for tickets or more information.