Shelf TalkerAs we were putting up more "shelf talkers" the other day in the shop, I started thinking about my earliest adventures wandering around my local wine shop. I was too self-conscious to ask for help but I kept seeing all of these "cute" little info cards popping up along the shelf edge "talking" about the wine. They would give wine notes like:

This deep-crimson-colored Cab has an attractive bouquet of cedar, coffee, cassis and black currants. This start leads to a medium-bodied, fruit-driven wine with light tannins, silky fruit and good length.

At first I thought, "Um... right. Because every time I open a Cab, I just smell wine! And what the heck is tannin?!" It kinda stressed me out. Bottom line: that little talker didn't tell me if I would actually like it. Overtime I have found shelf talkers are both incredible little gifts to help me make a selection and great fun, too... I often like to taste a wine for myself and see if I agree!

Recently one of my closest wine-loving friends reminded me when you're just starting to get into wine just about every wine smells like...well, wine! To get over that hump the key is to keep tasting wines. Have fun with it. Compare your impression to whatever "they" say on the back of the bottle. Make your own judgement. Your palate is your own! Overtime, you'll start to get a better sense of what's what when you read those little talkers.

Question of the day: Do you find "shelf talkers" helpful? Why or why not?