I know you've been anxiously anticipating what I have up my sleeve for Friday's here on the Pour Favor Blog... Drum roll please...! Since a lot of shenanigans usually pop up throughout the week, I figure it is only right to reserve Friday's for some bit of news or industry trend or even another blogger's banter that caught my attention and deserves a little more "air time". Hopefully this fodder will give you something entertaining to talk about as you open a bottle (or two...) over the weekend.

If you haven't been following Gary Vanerchuk's video blog, you must start immediately. That is all I have to say today.

Well, not quite (I do like to chat)... but seriously. Perhaps you caught him on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch last Wednesday night, or Conan O'Brien on Monday or heck, even Tuesday on Mad Money with Jim Crammer. He's the guy who made Conan eat dirt and cigars last year and "trained" Ellen's palate with salty stones, leather, and even cherry juiced cotton candy last September. Yep! He's been making the rounds!

Gary brings I love Gary because he "gets" it. Everyday smells and tastes really do come through in a wine. You just have to stop and smell (and taste) the vino to pick those out; and when you do, your wine tasting experience is taken to a whole new level.

Gary's constantly pushing his viewers to step outside their box and experiment to find what makes their palates really sing (cigar tasting and stone licking and all!). And - bonus - if you're willing to take a risk, you can find some real gems often without breaking the bank. Who doesn't want a great value wine, particularly in this day and age?

With that introduction (or review of what is wonderfully Gary V.), I not only encourage you to check out the "Thunder Show" for yourself, but to get in on the action on Thursday, June 19th right here in Boston. Yes, Gary's coming to town for a book signing at the BU Bookstore! Tickets are very limited, so register today! He's so fabulously nutty, who can predict what you may be missing?

Question of the day: Are you coming to the soirée?